In the medieval town of Requena come together Muslim remains, the Christian noblemen's quarter and the old Jewish quarter. Under the streets and squares, the other city, the underground, warehouse, cellar and also refuge and ossuary.

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Requena is made up of three historic districts. The first, the Barrio de la Villa, with the emblazoned houses of Calle Santa María and two beautiful Gothic temples: Santa María and San Salvador, the beautiful church of San Nicolás and the Torre del Homenaje. Under the Plaza Albornoz, the entrance to the network of caves and tunnelsthat run under streets, squares and houses. And at the top, the Castle. The second district is Barrio de las Peñas, the second oldest in Requena, which was formed after the Castilian conquest and the subsequent expulsion of the Moorish shepherds and farmers from the Barrio de la Villa. And finally, the Arrabal del Carmen, next to the convent of the same name, which welcomed the Jewish population displaced from the old town.

From the Iberian wine press in Solana de las Pilillas, this has been a land of wine. However, the splendour of Requena in the 18th century was not thanks to wine but to silk. Hundreds of looms operated in the town, weaving wool cloth and, later, silk. The winemaking tradition continued there, and today the city of Requena is the starting point for discovering the universe of wine from the Bobal region.

In February the pleasures are earthly, with the flavours of the Feria del Embutido Artesano and the joy of Carnival, which contrasts with the solemnity of Holy Week and its traditional processions. At the end of August, the Feria y Fiestas de la Vendimia and the FEREVIN mark the end of the summer and the beginning of the most eagerly awaited season of the year. December is the feast of San Nicolás de Bari, patron saint of the city.

25 villages dot the landscape of the municipality of Requena: Barrio Arroyo, Calderón, Campo Arcís, Casas de Cuadra, Casas de Eufemia, Casas de Soto, Casas del Río, El Azagador, El Derramador, El Pontón, El Rebollar, Fuen Vich, Hortunas, La Portera, Los Cojos, Las Nogueras, Los Duques, Los Isidros, Los Pedrones, Los Ruices, Penén de Albosa, Roma, San Antonio, San Juan, Villar de Olmos  and  La Cañada.

Te recomendamos

  1. Go up to the Castle and take a walk through the Barrio de la Villa, looking at the emblazoned facades and also at the ventilation of the caves under your feet.
  2. Visit the Silk House Museum
  3. Buy the famous Requena sausage, with designation of origin.
  4. Of course, visit the wineries, hold tastings and enjoy these wines that are so characteristic of our terroir.
  5. Explore the largest municipal area in the Valencian Community up to the river Cabriel, and its 25 villages. 
  6. Come to the Feria del Embutido Artesano and the Feria y Fiestas de la Vendimia, as a couple or with your family.

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Beauty is on the inside


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Discover Requena


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