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The population of Chera is located in a very interesting area where the Earth's crust shows itself between folds, faults and fractures. Its natural values are protected, with the Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park and the Chera Geology Park, with formations from the Jurassic period, 140 million years ago. Chasms, caves, fossils, ravines, cliffs, fountains and waterfalls dot the kilometres of paths that make the municipality a paradise for nature lovers.

The beauty and fertility of the surroundings have captivated human beings for 6,000 years, and vestiges of prehistoric, Iberian and Roman settlements have been found. The Almoravids built Chera Castle in the 12th century and developed agriculture, although the village was not founded until the 18th-19th centuries.

In August the patron saint's fiestas are held in honour of the Virgen de los Ángeles y San José. The traditional bonfires are lit for San Antón, and on the eve of 1st May the Mayos are sung.

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Chera is travelled along its paths

  1. In summer, swimming in the pools of the Reatillo river and the Buseo reservoir
  2. Visiting Chera Castle 
  3. Discovering dinosaur footprints on the Ruta de la Hoz
  4. Signing the Pico Ropé's summit visitor book.
  5. Walking along the path to the Chorrero waterfall and La Garita caves

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Guided tour of the Chera Geology Park

Guided tour of the Chera Geology Park

The Chera Geology Park offers guided tours of the park's trails and geological and environmental...

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