The aroma of the bobal, the fashionable wine

The Bobal grape, characteristic of the DO Utiel-Requena, has conquered amateurs and experts alike with its opulent wines of red fruit aromas and intense colour. Book a tasting and discover the secrets of the bobal.

The harvest

Tierra Bobal smells like must in September. The harvest starts with the white grapes and ends with the bobal, perfectly adapted to the climate and soil conditions of this land. Celebrate with us the great celebration of the wine harvest!

A sustainable future

The region is one of the territories with more hectares of organic cultivation in the Valencian Community. Craftsmanship is a trend, and you will also find very interesting natural and biodynamic wines. Do you know them?

A landscape shaped by wine

Wine has been part of our identity for more than 2,500 years, as demonstrated by the prehistoric presses. With "Wine in Iberia", promoted by the Bobal Territory Association, we hope to receive recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Red, rosé, white, sparkling and more...

Great red wines for the winter. Dry whites and cavas for the summer. Rosés... year round. We also produce excellent sweet wines and even vermouth. A glass for every occasion!

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We live in a land that smells of wine. The Phoenicians brought wine to the Iberian peoples, who more than 2,500 years ago excavated wine presses such as La Solana de las Pilillas, the oldest wineries in the Iberian Peninsula. For centuries our houses were built on top of underground wine cellars like the ones you can visit in Utiel and Requena. Our wine is the colour of the land of the plateau, it shapes our landscape and is our way of life. We were a Designation of Origin before most. It is the territory that defines us. The Bobal and the Cabriel are the border and only the land is our flag.

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The DOP Utiel-Requena  invites the visitor to learn about our wines, culture and landscapes. Four unique routes propose to travel to the time of the Iberians or the medieval era, to discover our natural parks, to enjoy the gastronomy and the historical legacy of the wine culture.

The Wine Route is made up of more than 50 establishments including wineries, restaurants, accommodations, museums, wine shops, activities and official entities. It is part of the "Wine Routes of Spain" of ACEVIN (Association of Spanish Wine Cities) and the Secretary of State for Tourism.





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Not everything under the sun is bobal.

The Requena Association of Cava Producers includes wineries that are accredited to produce sparkling wines within the DO Cava, made from the Macabeo, Chardonnay, Garnacha and Pinot Noir grapes. Have you tried them?

The taste is in the grapes

Touches of terroir and tasting notes for wine lovers

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70% of the vineyard area in the region is dedicated to the Bobal grape, the native variety, which is perfectly adapted to the short, hot and dry summers of the region. The red wines have a powerful structure and volume, with notes of red fruits, especially cherries, and an intense purple colour in the young wines that changes to brown in the more mature ones. The rosés are balanced, fresh and deep pink.

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Red grapes

The Tempranillo variety is the second most widely planted variety in Utiel-Requena, accounting for 12% of the crop. Other grape varieties authorised to make Utiel-Requena DO wines are: Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Tintorera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mertlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Petit verdot and Cabernet Franc.

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White grapes

White varieties represent 13% of the Utiel-Requena vineyard. The Tardana is native, and gives wines with a straw colour, fruity aromas, fresh and balanced. Macabeo and Chardonnay are used for wines and cavas. Other authorised varieties are Merseguera, Sauvignon Blanc, Parellada, Verdejo and small-berry Moscatel.

natural parks restaurants wineries shops comercios accomodations cultural venues Vineyard and Wine Museum Round Cellar. Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Gothic simplicity. Virgen del Remedio Sanctuary The local devotion. La Villa District The medieval district, under the castle Yacimiento de las Pilillas The Iberian wine presses, thousands of years of wine tradition. Villa caves The secret city, shelter and cellar. Wineries with shop Wine shops Wineries with tour Wine events Requena Wine Museum Caves and underground cellars The Iberian wine presses, thousands of years of wine tradition. At the Cid's Palace. Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park El pulmón verde de la Comunitat Valenciana. Routes and trails Natural areas Experiences Interpretation centers Chera Geology Park Sierra Negrete / Negrete Park Adventure operators Recreational areas A landscape for learning. The best views over Tierra Bobal La Villa District The medieval district, under the castle Religious buildings Museums Archaeological sites Places of interest Los Villares - Kelin Our roots are Iberian. Sisternas Museum Life in the old days. Caves Festivals Quality Artisan Sausage Fair of Requena A must for February. Gastronomic events Bakeries Restaurants Sinarcas Flour Mill The tradition of cereal mills. Almázar (Honey and Wax Museum) The old preserved warehouse. Shopping Comercios Butcher shops

All year round is good time to visit us

Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


With the first cold weather comes the grape harvest and the landscape turns red, orange and ochre. It's the perfect time to go out on the road, camera in hand, or to take part in the harvest. Are you up for it?

Come visit us
¿Cómo prefieres ir #DeVinos? Historical wineries, walks, tastings with food and wine pairing or contemplating the stars... You choose. How would you prefer to live your adventure at Tierra Bobal? Dive into the Cabriel River, explore our landscapes, look up at the sky... Your choice ¿Cómo prefieres sumergirte en la cultura de Tierra Bobal? Piedras que cuentan la historia, tradiciones que hablan de identidad. Eat Tierra Bobal Una gastronomía de aromas árabes y alma manchega. Experiences Wine tastings, rafting, plane rides, historical tours... You choose how to enjoy Tierra Bobal.

¿Cómo prefieres ir #DeVinos?

Historical wineries, walks, tastings with food and wine pairing or contemplating the stars... You choose..

A day of wine tourism... active (adults)

A day of wine tourism... active (adults)


A day of wine with friends and more.

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Hoces del Cabriel y cata de vinos en la naturaleza


Naturaleza y relax

Naturaleza y relax


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