Tierra Bobal

Our Tierra Bobal

Our Tierra Bobal

Coming is returning

We don't want just any tourist. We want responsible, committed tourists.

We want to be the place chosen by those who want to know us. We want a quiet and sustainable tourism. We were a place of passage and we want to continue to be a place of exchange, this time with committed tourists.

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2,500 years ago we were Iberians. Anerai was our greeting of welcome. Anerai is the expression of our character, welcoming as the embrace of our landscape. Anerai, where everything begins, the link that unites us to the land, to Castile and Valencia, to our nine towns and their thirty-seven villages. To the vineyard and the forest, to the bobal and the Cabriel. Anerai is us. "Anerai, walkers or travellers, who approach with respect. Welcome to the Bobal Land, where the forest embraces the vineyard. Anerai, welcome, our arms are open".

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Our hospitality

To come to Tierra Bobal is to feel accepted being an outsider

We are like our own land. A land of exchange. Castilian people in Valencia. Accustomed to welcoming people, to the difficulty of the mountains and to taming the land with our hands. To the brave winters and the austere attitude of those who depend on what the sky brings today. With a hug we protect what we have and, with the same arms, we welcome the stranger. We are primary, attached to the land. It’s our way of life and our pride. We are like her: proud and plain.

We want to be the place chosen by those who want to know us, wake up with the rooster's crow and knock on our door so that we can attend to them. We want to show them how we work the land and have lunch over a barbeque in the vineyard. We want them to learn how our wine is made and enjoy it afterwards. We want them to talk to us, to ask us how we are and why we are the way we are. And we want them to learn where they come from and how they feel, so that their visit will make us better.

Our visit is a complete experience. An active or peaceful well-being, but always pleasant. To climb the mountain and take a nap with the cicadas. Our visit is about disconnecting to reconnect with what we are passionate about, with what we care about, with our own and with ourselves. To come to our land is to be authentic again. Because this land always leaves a mark, it always sinks in...

Your new destination...

...if you love nature, if you enjoy a glass of wine, if you appreciate authenticity.

Caudete de las FuentesCaudete de las Fuentes
Villargordo del CabrielVillargordo del Cabriel
Venta del MoroVenta del Moro

All year round is good time to visit us

Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


Bobal Country is a sea of bright green with plenty of action. The cicadas sing, the river is pure joy, the nights are cool and the days are happy and carefree. Like childhood.

Come visit us