Local Gastronomy

From the oil mill to the table

In Tierra Bobal you can buy excellent cold pressed oils in our oil mills, made with the cornicabra variety or in some changlot areas. Dense oils, intense green colour and voluptuous on the palate.


The usual ovens

Sweet or salty? Try the traditional lean pok or sardine buns from Utiel, or indulge yourself and take away sweets: mantecados, butter cakes, sweet potato cakes.... Mmmm

Mortar and pestle

No kitchen in Tierra Bobal lacks the traditional clay mortar with its wooden pestle. How would we live without ajoaceite, morteruelo or ajoarriero?

We like our stews

We like strong broths and dipping sauces. Pot dishes, stews and stews with vegetables, potatoes and preserved meats to face the winter with a good glass of wine.

Sweet as honey

From our Arab past we inherited a taste for honey. You can buy artisan honey and also try sweets like the traditional alajú, burruecos or turroncillos.

Quality sausage

Tierra Bobal's artisan sausage is made in the traditional way, with top quality meat and spices. Each butcher's shop has its own seasoning. Which do you like best?

Flecha izquierda
Flecha derecha

Tierra Bobal's traditional cuisine has the soul of La Mancha. A tasty, hearty and also surprising cuisine, which takes advantage of everything the land provides. Slaughtering pigs allowed families to eat meat for months, as long as there was sausage and preserved ribs and loins. A long string of products such as sausages, black puddings or loin are showcased at our most popular festivals, declared to be of regional tourist interest. The fruits and vegetables, fresh in season and preserved the rest of the year. At home, stew. In the countryside, porridge: almortas, migas ruleras, ajoarriero and gazpachos when there is hunting. Today we prefer sausage and grilled lamb. Desserts, with the sweetness of honey: turroncillo or burrueco, alajú, bocaíllo or arrope. Our land is salty and sweet, it is made of salt and honey, salt mines and beehives.

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The Association Embutido Artesano y de Calidad de Requena, made up of twelve family businesses, regulates the quality mark "Embutido de Requena", ensuring the origin of the meat (female pigs or castrated males) and the quality of the ingredients. The designation includes seven products: sausages, chorizos, morcilla (onion black pudding), salami, dogs, güeñas and sobrasadas. Each product has its own specifications in terms of ingredients and preparation, thus guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the artisanal products. In February, don't miss the Sausage Exhibition of Requena.

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The Utiel Gastronomic Association Quality Seal brings together seventeen food companies in Utiel and the region dedicated to the production of quality sausages, artisan baking and artisan honey. The Quality Seal includes three products: alajú, morcilleta de carne and longaniza magra. The label guarantees the highest level of quality, tradition and safety. In October the Utiel Gastronomic Fair is organised. A perfect opportunity to taste our typical dishes, from sausages to sweets, as well as local products such as wine, honey and oil.

From our house to yours

Take our flavors home with you

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The pig slaughter

The climate of Tierra Bobal is perfect for the traditional slaughter of the pig, with very cold and dry winters that allow the sausages to be cured. In some houses they still practice this ritual that brings generations together in days of frenetic work under the watchful eye of the matriarch. Butchers continue to make the sausage in the traditional way.

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In water and salt

Putting green fruit, or tomatoes that are not going to ripen in brine was a way of conserving them all year round, but that acidic point, without reaching the vinegar, is addictive. For many, an apricot says nothing, but in water and salt it is called alberchigo and it is religion. Just like the green grape, with which the agraz is made. Try it!

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What to buy

Get all the flavours of Tierra Bobal. We recommend you buy fresh sausage (the most characteristic is the güeña, the dog and the legendary onion black pudding or morcilla) or or orza, which comes already packed. In the oven, buy lean pork or sardine buns, or sweets, especially at Christmas. And, of course, honey and oil.

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All year round is good time to visit us

Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


With the first cold weather comes the grape harvest and the landscape turns red, orange and ochre. It's the perfect time to go out on the road, camera in hand, or to take part in the harvest. Are you up for it?

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