Landscape and Nature

The cleanest river in Europe

The Cabriel River, with its sickles and meanders, forms a unique natural ecosystem.  A river with crystal-clear waters that is considered the cleanest in all of Europe. Let's preserve it!

A park... from the Jurassic

The Geology Park of Chera invites you to a long journey back in time. Among forests and rocky formations are hidden traces of the dinosaurs that roamed these lands millions of years ago.


In search of the birds of prey

The wooded and rugged landscapes of Sinarcas, the Hoces del Cabriel or the Sierra Negrete are ideal for watching the flight of the Bonelli's eagle, the goshawk, the vulture and, with luck, the peregrine falcon

Scenic trails

Kilometres of well preserved and signposted trails await you in Tierra Bobal. Mountain tracks ideal for MTB and routes of all levels of difficulty to enjoy in the open air.

Adventure on water

The Cabriel River runs between high rock walls and surrounded by vegetation, encouraging you to navigate its waters by canoe, kayak or float. What are you waiting for your next adventure?

Seeing the stars

Starry nights are a rural luxury, without light pollution. It is enough to move away from the village to enjoy the spectacle of the star rains. In summer, the Perseids await you in the cool nights.

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The 25 protected natural areas of Tierra Bobal are our treasure, a reserve of life that extends from the Sierra Negrete to the Cabriel River, a plateau between the mountains and the river. The largest concentration of forests in the Valencian Community. In Chera, on one end, the only Geology Park of the Valencian Community, ancient mountains in an incredible landscape of pine trees. On the other end, the stunning beauty of the gorges of the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park, an area of very high ecological value, a Biosphere Reserve. Hundreds of kilometres of trails between mountains and vineyards, steep mountain bike trails and the Cabriel River inviting you to adventure. Eagles and vultures fly through the skies that showcase the Milky Way at night.

The Cabriel Valley Biosphere Reserve

In 2019, UNESCO declared the territory around the Cabriel basin a Biosphere Reserve. This is a recognition of a territory of very high geological and biological value, which guarantees both the conservation of the environment and the development of populations and the responsible use of resources. The Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park is integrated into the Reserve.

Shooting stars

One of the qualities of Tierra Bobal is the low level of light pollution outside the urban centres, which allows us to enjoy incredible night skies. The show is guaranteed all year round. In January, the Quadrantids; in April, the Lyrids; in May, the Aquarids; in July, the Aquarids-Delta; in August, the Perseids; in October, the Draconids; in November, the Authentic-Lota and Leonids, and the Geminids in December.

Find your element

Let Tierra Bobal embrace you by land, water or air.

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Almost 80 trails cross Tierra Bobal. Paths that run through plains and mountains where the mountain goat, the civet and the fox live, and that in the autumn offer tasty mushrooms to the hiker. Trails that climb mountains, that run between vineyards and almond trees, that connect lagoons with trenches, salt mines with dinosaur fossils, castles with the meanders of the river. Trails for the family and for expert walkers. Steep tracks and winding roads for cyclists.

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The Cabriel River is ideal for beginners in rafting: a quiet river in idyllic surroundings, flowing through narrow canyons. From Venta del Moro, you can go down the river by raft, kayak, river sup or float. From Villargordo del Cabriel you can reach the Contreras reservoir, where you can practice paddle surfing. In Chera, you can spend the day at the Buseo Reservoir

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The skies are the territory of birds. The diversity of ecosystems in Tierra Bobal guarantees birding fans sightings of birds of prey, forest birds, scrubland birds and water birds: wheatears, eagles, griffon vultures, great spotted woodpeckers, finches, goldfinches, partridges, doves, larks, nightingales and even ducks and herons. The mountains and wetlands of Sinarcas and the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park are excellent places for bird watching, especially in spring and autumn. At night, you can hear the owls, eagle owls and the little owl.

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All year round is good time to visit us

Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


Bobal Country is a sea of bright green with plenty of action. The cicadas sing, the river is pure joy, the nights are cool and the days are happy and carefree. Like childhood.

Come visit us
¿Cómo prefieres ir #DeVinos? Historical wineries, walks, tastings with food and wine pairing or contemplating the stars... You choose. How would you prefer to live your adventure at Tierra Bobal? Dive into the Cabriel River, explore our landscapes, look up at the sky... Your choice ¿Cómo prefieres sumergirte en la cultura de Tierra Bobal? Piedras que cuentan la historia, tradiciones que hablan de identidad. Eat Tierra Bobal Una gastronomía de aromas árabes y alma manchega. Experiences Wine tastings, rafting, plane rides, historical tours... You choose how to enjoy Tierra Bobal.

How would you prefer to live your adventure at Tierra Bobal?

Dive into the Cabriel River, explore our landscapes, look up at the sky... Your choice.

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Sendas y bodegas en Tierra Bobal


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