Winter is enjoyed by the warmth of the fireplace, with a glass of wine in hand. These are months of recollection. The days get shorter, the temperatures drop. It is the time of the traditional slaughter, of the freshly pressed oil, of the walks in the winter morning sun...

In winter the air on the plateau is cold and dry. In the houses the sausages from the slaughter hang to dry. In the oil mills the oil is squeezed out. When February arrives, Requena celebrates its immensely popular Sausage Fair. Don't forget to buy!

The cold is not an impediment to travel. Many wineries organize guided tours, tastings and wine &f ood pairings. A perfect plan to come as a couple or with friends, learn about wine making, taste new wines and varieties, savour the flavours of the land and share an unforgettable day in good company.

Now that you don't feel so much like going out in the open air, it's time to stroll through the villages, take a leisurely tour of the museums and find shelter in a castle or temple. And, to eat, a good pot, to warm the bones and the spirit at midwinter.

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The best plans for a short break to Tierra Bobal

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Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


Bobal Country is a sea of bright green with plenty of action. The cicadas sing, the river is pure joy, the nights are cool and the days are happy and carefree. Like childhood.

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