With the first cold weather comes the grape harvest and the landscape turns red, orange and ochre. It's the perfect time to go out on the road, camera in hand, or to take part in the harvest. Are you up for it?

The harvest marks the holiday calendar. Requena and Utiel hold their famous fairs at the end of August and September and, soon after, the vineyards and wineries become pure frenzy of activity, a hustle and bustle of trailers loaded with the year's harvest. Come and learn first-hand about the harvest and the winemaking process.

Autumn is also an excellent season for eating. From the dense pine and poplar groves the most seasoned return with baskets full of mushrooms. In the middle of October, the Utiel Gastronomic Fair invites you to try the best of our gastronomy. Enjoy!

But it's not all going to be about eating. These months of sunny mornings and cool afternoons are ideal for enjoying nature, walking in the woods or riding your bike. The change of season is a perfect time to enjoy the spectacular autumn colours of the Cabriel or Reatillo poplars or to watch, with luck, the fights between mountain goats.

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Each season has its charm. Good wine and good food always.


Sunny mornings and great food and wine in the afternoon. A season that smells of fireplace to be explored with the senses, savouring every moment.

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